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FlexDev.info is a Thai community for Flex, ColdFusion, Flash and other Adobe Web Suite users.
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Adobe ColdFusion

Adobe ColdFusion 8 software solves the day-to-day challenges of Internet application development, allowing you to be extremely productive as you create and deliver engaging online applications. And because it fits into any IT environment, you can use ColdFusion 8 for everything from small departmental applications to highly scalable, reliable implementations of your most important business applications.

Adobe Flex

Adobe Flex is a cross-platform development framework for creating rich Internet applications (RIAs). Flex enables you to create expressive, high-performance applications that run identically on all major browsers and operating systems. Download the free Flex SDK to build and debug Flex apps. Flex Builder provides a rich set of tools to speed app creation. Try Flex Builder free for 30 days.

Adobe Dreamweaver & Fireworks

Discover Adobe�� Dreamweaver�� CS3 software, which now includes CSS tools, Ajax components for building dynamic user interfaces, and intelligent integration with other Adobe software.

Accelerate web design and development with Adobe�� Fireworks�� CS3 software, the ideal tool for creating and optimizing images for the web and rapidly prototyping websites.

Adobe Flash & ActionScript

Enjoy a fast, fluid workflow with Adobe�� Flash�� CS3 Professional software, featuring a streamlined user interface, advanced video tools, and impressive integration with related software.