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As I'm writing at 3.00 am., it's closed to New Year 2008. I'm thinking about what FlexDev.info should be and where it should go to. I've been a web programmer, designer for many years. Macromedia web product that became to be Adobe Web Premium + some other tool like Photoshop, Illustrator are my handy toolset. As many of you know, not everything are suitable in Thai language. Some tricks, some workarounds and solutions are discovered.
Why won't we share?Some of them are on other website, someone read this post and know something that I don't. It'd be a place to share. Not only Thai but friends around the world are welcome. What I would like to show to you are...
  1.  Informative community via flexdev.info. Join with our neighborhood like thaiadobeuser.comthaiflashdev.comthaidev.comthaimacdev.com etc...
  2. Meeting...Seminar...Training...I'm working on my plan for full next year.
  3. Podcast, Videocast or whatever you can name it.
  4. Open some of my server space for people who want to make their website useful for other people.
  5. Article, Interview, Case Study as available.
  6. Please suggest if you wish something. Comment or use Contact Us form.
It'll be a good community if we are help each other. And while I'm developing this website, please register your account in our Forum. It'll be the main section at this time and I can send you the message from time to time too.BestJedt Sitthidumrong. 

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Pożyczki od ręki na dowód. Pożyczka prywatnie pożyczki fin-ov.pl/poyczki-od-rki.

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Short Update!

Please stay tune! We're prepare some podcast and other media type along with RSS subscription. Please prepare yourself with this softwares in your pocket! Adobe Reader, Flash Player 9, QuickTime 7.